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PPIH 2011 Luau
 Although we missed out on a luau for the year 2010, PPIH didn't let our supporters down in 2011.  With guests of over 650, we put on a show that made up for the missing year.  We did not let our long time supporters, friends and families down.  We provided an exciting show that left our guests on the edge of their seats.... Here are some pictures to show what a wonderful evening it was for PPIH.... Mahalo Nui to all our supporters, friends and families who shared that evening with us....
PPIH 2012 Luau
Pacific Pride & Island Hearts held their 15th annual luau on July 14, 2012.  With over 500+ tickets sold, PPIH put on a spectacular show for the community of Colorado Springs.  A heartfelt Mahalo Nui to all who came out to support PPIH... enjoy some amazing pictures showcasing our special day! 
Here are some pictures from past shows...Enjoy
PPIH 2013
 Here are up to date pictures of PPIH.... 
PPIH Unity Bon Fire
   Sitting around the Bonfire as one.
PPIH 2013 Luau
PPIH 2014 Luau Our 17th Annual PPIH Polynesian Luau!!  Great Fun and Awesome Performance by our Dancers!!!!
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