Pacific Pride & Island Hearts
Aloha! Talofa! Ia Orana! Hafa Adai! Kia Ora! Bula Vinaka!
Meet our Instructors
Cultural Director / Creative Costume Designer... Aunty Ane


Growing up as a military brat, she never lost sight and love for her culture.  Born of Samoan decent, she was brought up in a typical Samoan Aiga (family).  Although the military life as a child didn't allow her to stay in one place for a long time, she always found ways to learn about her native culture as well as other Polynesian cultures from church groups as well as other individual dance groups.  Determined to pass on the culture to her kids, she and her family have became a part of the PPIH Ohana and is to this day, instilling the love and passion she has for the many island cultures to the PPIH Aiga.

Event Coordinator Manager / Lead Choreographer & Instructor - Aunty Lani

Aunty Lani has over 30 years of experience dancing and teaching the various Pacific Island Culture & Heritages.  She was born in California but has traveled extensively to include Hawaii, Samoa, and New Zealand.  She recently moved back to the Colorado Springs Area over a year ago from Killeen/Ft Hood Texas.  There she coordinated and managed the local group, Pacific Heights Express, which PPIH has participated in their 20th Anniversary in the summer of 2014 in San Antonio, TX.  Her talent also includes singing and being a professional MC.  She has brought with her the beauty of the Polynesian Cultural along with her extensive knowledge, creativity, and positive influnce to our PPIH Family.

             Gloria "Faga" - Assistant Instructor  
Gloria is a previous/current PPIH Dancer for more than ten years and has been assisting for the past 4 years Instructing as well as Dancing with the group.  She also helps teaching dances to the younger boys and is very versatile in both teaching/dancing. She works very hard and wants to pass on the traditions to the younger generations.  She wishes to encourage our young kids to dance because they "want and love" to dance.

         Katryna "Melo" - Assistant Instructor
Katryna is also a previous/current PPIH dancer for over ten plus years.  She has assisted instructing since 2009 and has continued to dance with the group.  She has competed in two Tahiti Fetes in 2006 (Utah) and recently in 2013 (San Diego).  She has a lot to offer with her knowledge and experience in the various traditions from the South Pacific.  Her passion of dancing is shown when she teaches others to dance from the heart.  Her hopes is to get the kids motivated and to think about showing their talents not only in our annual luaus and shows, but in future competitions.

          Heti - Boys Instructor 

Heti is a previous/current PPIH dancer for over ten years. He has accepted the opportunity to teach the boys in our group and takes pride in showing them what he has learned over the years.  His love of music shows with his passion for drumming which he wants to implement in his teachings for the boys group this year.  He has years of experience dancing with the Fire Knife and so much talent to offer. He wants each and every dancer to have the courage to express themselves thru dance and music for the various South Pacific Islands.

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  These Instructors are the Heart and Souls of Pacific Pride and Island Hearts.  Their continued passion can only be measured by their willingness to volunteer their time and energy to help teach our cultures and traditions from the South Pacific Islands!!